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To order more than 100 pieces of Lukanka, allow 12 days delivery time.
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Lukanka Type Karlovska
Sausage Kebapche
Fine Sausage Karnache
Fine Sausage Nadenitza
Lukanka -
Type Karlovska
Approximately 8 inch. Bulgarian style air cured appetizer.
1 pc               $ 8.00
(The curly spicy)
Fiery spicy according a traditional reciepe from the south of BG. 4 pcs, 3/4 lb    $ 7.00
Skinless BBQ links, mix of pork and lamb, according the most popular and old recipe.
14 pcs, 2 1/5 lb    $ 12.00
Nadenitza sausage
Recipe from the city of Troyan, Bulgaria, pork pleasant spicy and piquant.  Vaccum packet.
5 pcs, 0.5 lb        $ 6.00
Fine Sausage Nadenitza
Nadenitza sausage
Hunter style

Mild and juicy with garlic flavor.  Vaccum packet.
5 pcs, 0.5 lb        $ 6.00
3 Combo Pack
Combo Pack

Karnache, Hunter Style Nadenitza, and Troyan style Nadenitza.
3 packs         $ 18.00
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Fine Sausage Nadenitza
Nadenitza sausage turkey meat

Mild, juicy, spicy.   Vaccum packet.
5 pcs, 0.5 lb        $ 6.00
Filet Elena

Pork loin, air cured appetizer, piquant.
Vaccum packet.
1 pc 0.45 lb   $ 5.00
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